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Landscaping Batavia

Batavia landscaping throughout the cities lifetime has always been beautiful. Tucked up in northern-western Illinois, Batavia has wonderful natural flora and fauna to see alongside some beautiful architecture. One of the reasons we enjoy Batavia landscaping so much though, is because many properties in Batavia make great use of hardscaping turning their landscape into a work of art. But what makes Batavia landscaping and hardscaping different from one another?

Landscaping Batavia
While hardscaping is a form of landscaping, it mainly involves the use of masonry using concrete, brick, stone or woodworks to enhance the look of the property. Hardscaping could be a brick patio, a stone or wood fence or a concrete path. Similarly softscaping makes use of water features such as ponds, pools or fountains which we try to incorporate more for Batavia landscaping as the area has a few rivers running through its location. It’s important to consider the environmental factors your hardscape will endure over the years. Heavy rains can wash out and sink bricked patios and colder climate regions can cause cracks in stone for example, but simply planning for these events mean these issues can generally be prevented.

Landscaping makes use of plants, bushes, shrubs, trees and flowers to enhance the look of the property. When we design a Batavia landscaping layout, we always take into consideration how well each of the plants will do in the conditions they’ll be experiencing. We try to give each plant in the ground the best chance of survival, meaning we account for the climate and it’s changes as well as any disease the area may host which could harm and kill plant life. It’s also important to layout plants so that larger plants do not prevent others from getting the light they need.

Many landscape services try to make Batavia landscaping appear black and white – either mostly plants and shrubbery or mostly hardscape features, but the best looking properties intermix both. Kozak Custom Landscapes work with local vendors to keep Batavia landscaping projects cost less while maintaining exceptional quality.

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